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"Your duty is to discover your world and then give yourself with all your heart."


Reaching a point in life where you make decisions consciously. From a self-knowledge that, without guilt, allows us to embrace ourselves as we are.

That our house should materialize the moments of housing, what we are and in which there is room for the person we will be, what we have left to live.

After the pandemic we were more aware that the home space had to complement our way of living in the city. For this reason, we received the commission to intervene in a recent reform carried out by our client so that she could find her home there.

We created a space for her that accommodated her hobbies, the dressing room, her most precious books and the collection of objects she had collected on her travels.

The minimalist design of the furniture that floats to be able to enjoy the natural wood flooring that our client had fallen in love with. Where iron and lacquered wood and the natural wood texture stand out thanks to a lighting design that complements the whole.

Year: 2021
Location: Arrancapins (Valencia)

Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto

Collaborating companies: GAN Rugs, ArkosLight, MyArtist LAB.

Our work: Interior Design, Project Management, Art Direction photo, Architecture, Design
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