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About Gosende Navarro Studio

We are formed architects and designers. Throughout our career we explore the conjunction between Architecture, Interior design, Industrial design, Product design and Communication.
Our firm was created in 2017 after working for a while in construction management. All that gained experience in managing all kind of contract and residential projects, made us come with the vision of creating an integral design service at the highest level.
We work hand in hand with artisans and installers for creating great work synergies. Because of that, our designs speak their language so the materialization doesn’t become a barrier. From all this cooperation come unique solutions beyond any comercial value.

About Us

Carlos Gosende / Architect + Illustrator

Lines, paper and ink. Everything that can be said about me takes place between lines, paper and ink. Always drawing, thinking, … always building, expressing emotions when words are not precise enough.

I am an architect, I am an illustrator, I am a designer… I am a man of ideas and how to materialize them. I am versatile, I have worked in different fields of construction: in the calculation and management of projects, I have developed products, community management, branding, furniture design and interior design. I draw by vocation, I build to make it happen. I love everything that involves giving a solution to a need or concern. It satisfies me to give my clients a solution to something they were looking for. I give shape to ideas, I am in the paper that it receives, in the pencil that it traces and in the ink that it fills.

Merxe Navarro / Architect + Comunicator

Valencian not by blood but by heart.
Architect not by blood but by heart.

Fed up that the general perception of contemporary architecture executed in the Valencian community is limited to a single architect and aims to show that we are much more. You can read more about my project #brutalmentvalencià -> ENJOY!
Communication is my other great passion along with architecture, so in addition to loving writing or taking photographs, in my daily work as an architect with both our clients and our collaborators, I love establishing fluid communication, which is one of the main keys for the result of the project is the best possible.

My nephews, preparing for the next trip, enjoying the gastronomy, the cinema and our three kittens occupy a large part of my time when I am not working.

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