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"In the Universe, there are things that are known and others that are unknown,
and between them, there are doors."

William Blake

A labyrinth in which a singular square appears behind each corner, indiscreet windows muted by "Alicantinas" who watch over the flight of the swallow and ruins that belonged to another Valencia. The act of crossing then becomes a serendipity that without further ado brings us special moments, the anisotropy in which each corner becomes special.

The project consists of an adaptation of the space to a home-studio for a freelance creative.
The main keys will revolve around making the most of the location and the qualities of the apartment, as well as looking for a language that puts it in relation to the history of the neighborhood.

The materials and constructive solutions of the proposal are full of references to the neighborhood and its balconies as a means of relationship between its neighbors.

Year: 2017
Location: El Carmen (Valencia)

Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto

Collaborating companies: Porcelanosa, ArkosLight, Punt, Andreu World, Bolia, GAN.

Our work: Interior Design, Project Management, Art Direction photo, Architecture, Design
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