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Who Are We

Who We Are

We are formed architects and designers.
Throughout our career we explore the conjunction between Architecture, Interior design, Industrial design, Product design and Communication.

We think

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Merxe Navarro

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Architect, Fundator & CEO


Carlos Gosende

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Architect, Fundator & CEO

What We Do

We are specialized in the integral vision of the projects so we can design everything related to your home
such as lighting or how to improve energy efficiency.
Depends on you, we can do the design or all included with the project management.
Here you can read what it each service.

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Your space
to be yourself

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You only enjoy
the result

How we do it

We are more than just architects and designers.
We are creative people finding uniques ways to solve different questions.

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Know your space, needs and tastes as a starting point.
We will set the style and priorities.

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Transfer all this to technical documents that will be the roadmap to make the project a reality.

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Let's do it!

Management of the materialization process of the project that we have developed for you.

Clarifies the first doubts

Thanks to this first call you will be able to clarify the doubts that assail you about the project:
costs, deadlines, processes, types of style, possible solutions and expectations about the result.

But for us, the most important thing is to know if we connect as a team because
It is basic for the process to be up to the expected result.

In short, knowing if we do MATCH 💙


You are about to make an investment and you want to know for sure
that the steps you take are going in the right direction.
For this, it is vital to know the professionals in whom you trust your investment.

Thanks for your message!

Meanwhile you can get
to know us a little more here...

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