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Ready for a new begining?

In wich kind of project are you thinking?

We are specialized in the integral vision of the projects so we can design everything related to your homesuch as lighting or how to improve energy efficiency or the branding strategyof your business so that it coordinates with the physical spacefor a comprehensive customer experience.

Go ahead!


Are you looking for a new home?
Has the situation in your house changed and you want the space to adapt to it?
Have you thought that the time has come to have the house you have always wanted?
Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home and thus save month after month?
Do you have to give a radical change to that space in your house with which you do not identify?
Does your house lack personality, does it not represent you?
Do you not know if the house you want to buy meets the requirements?
It can give you more headaches than joy? Do you want to reform your house and do not know where to start?
Do you have a garden where you have plenty of space that you do not know how to use?

Use our experience to obtain the best possible result by investing your money correctly and with the peace of mind of having a team of professionals by your side!


Starting the project for a home is exciting, even if the reason is different
(a new house, adapt the current house to a new situation, improve energy efficiency, etc.),
and can be overwhelming. Therefore, with our comprehensive vision and experience in the sector,
we can help you to make the process the most comfortable for you.

House Refurbisment in Valencia Gosende Navarro 15.jpg


When your starting point
is a space that already exists.

House Refurbisment in Valencia Gosende Navarro 12.jpg


From the search
for the plot
to the move.


When we have to dress a space we can start it with great enthusiasm but there are
so many decisions to make that it can be overwhelming.
For this reason, we have developed three formulas to help you so that you can choose the one that best suits you, from consulting to turnkey and always obtaining a professional result.

House_refurbishment_in_Valencia 53.jpg


A key to start

House_refurbishment_in_Valencia 48.jpg


You set the control

House_refurbishment_in_Valencia 51.jpg


Just enjoy!


You may be thinking of starting a new project.
You may want to give your usual space a new look, or you may want to change your location because your business model or the way you manage your company has changed.
You may have decided to invest in a rental housing building, or it is flats for rent.

If your objective is to obtain the maximum profitability for your business,
we will help you from the management of licenses to the design of the space, furnishing to even the branding or communication of your business.
Always, with a comprehensive vision.

Carlos Gosende_Vivienda en Marví-4.jpg


The key to your investment

Whether you are thinking of an accommodation building to rent or if you are thinking of a single accommodation.

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Carlos Gosende_Vivienda en Marví-2.jpg


Leap your business, it's the time!

If you change your business location or if you want to expand it or give it a more current air with your current client, we can help you.

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Carlos Gosende_Vivienda en Marví-3.jpg


Control the investment for maximum benefit

Get the maximum potential to the new space of your business and with the guarantees of complying with the corresponding regulations.

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House Refurbisment in Valencia Gosende Navarro 11.jpg


That your business offers its best face!

Whether your business is already up and running or new, having consistent branding will help you take it to the next level.

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“We have hired their services for all the corporative design of our clinic. We are fully satisfied with the result.
Great professionality and good advice for ruling our business. They pay attention to the tiniest detail.”


Reform_of_a_premises_in_El_Carmen_Gosende_Navarro 5.jpg


We are formed architects and designers.
Throughout our career we explore the conjunction between Architecture, Interior design, Industrial design, Product design and Communication.

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Merxe Navarro

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Architect, Fundator & CEO


Carlos Gosende

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Architect, Fundator & CEO


We work from the beginning with artisans and technicians who understand our work dynamics, creating solutions that optimize your space, solutions that you will not see in any catalog, or on any Pinterest.

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