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"Trees have a secret life that is only made known to those who climb them."

Reinaldo Arenas

He used to lie right on the edge, looking up at the ceiling and stretching out his arms. He liked the feeling of weightlessness he felt. I couldn't stop fantasizing about funny worlds where the ceiling was the floor and vice versa. Sometimes it just hid there and it seemed like no one was home, like a timeless temple where the light came to a stop. Other times, if I closed my eyes very tightly, I could feel that there was no longer a roof and be able to see the stars under the open sky.


He longed to get home just so he could climb into his nest. Excitement washed over him as he saw the ladder and ran toward it in a frenzy. With each step he knew he was closer to his lost fantasies.

A studio for a couple, both artists, different explorations. One dives into the multimedia unmaterial world, the other explores plasticity with different materials and colors. Both work with vivid colors. 


We took from the space the duality north-south orientation for creating two main working areas. Discussing it with the clients, the idea of creating recreative areas in heigh came naturally. This way we keep the space as open and versatile as possible, at the same time that we explore the ancient meaning of climbing for searching covering and protection. 


On the visual side, the floor is the main character. The capability of bringing a color palette was much more than interesting for paying homage to both artists' work. These 1938 hexagonal mosaic drawings were restored and reinterpreted for incorporating an XXI century design. The empty spaces in between were filled with self-leveling mortar for bringing a neutral and slightly industrial vibe that matched the overall. This atmosphere is left behind once we climb for resting, finding a cozier space with natural textures, wood tones, and cork.

Year: 2018
Location: Arrancapins (Valencia)

Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto

Our work: Interior Design, Project Management, Art Direction photo, Architecture, Design
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