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"The more transparent the writing is, 
the more the poetry is seen."

Gabriel García Márquez

Moments in life that happened in a certain space. Generations of the same family who lived the same experiences and, nevertheless, each time it was different, it was special. Feel the same as your ancestors, in the same space.

As it is a house that has been handed down from generation to generation, the history of the place and the childhood moments lived in it should be part of the project.

The house was reprogrammed for a young family with a busy life and their need for multifunctional spaces.

The concept of transparency was the backbone of the entire project, transparency in history, transparency in light, transparency in needs so that each function would have its own space, facilitating day-to-day life in this young home.

Year: 2019
Location: Ruzafa (Valencia)

Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto
Collaborating companies: Arkoslight - Holly, UB+ Eupho E3 Altavoz 60W Rosa, Cocinas OB, Silestone, Kährs & Colorcare

Our work: Interior Design, Project Management, Art Direction photo, Architecture, Design
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